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In addition to ticket access, Browns fans can download the Browns Mobile App for up-to-date information and compelling stories throughout the year. The Browns Mobile App will offer fans important updates prior to each training camp session, including weather and additional items specific to that date. Fans are encouraged to download the app, create a profile and enable notifications to receive all pertinent training camp details as soon as they are available. Local youth and high school football teams are also invited to contact the Browns Community Relations department ( YouthFootball@ClevelandBrowns.com , 440-891-5000) for information on exclusive ticket and engagement opportunities during training camp. All tickets to training camp will be accessible through the Browns Mobile App. Similar to 2019, printed tickets will not be available in 2021. While the Browns continue to strongly encourage everyone to seek reliable information on the COVID-19 vaccine , fans are not required to be vaccinated to apply for 2021 training camp tickets. In accordance with local and state guidelines, masks are not mandated for fans who attend training camp. However, medical experts recommend that individuals who are not fully vaccinated still consider wearing a mask when congregating in larger groups. Additionally, the team will have hand sanitizer stations readily available and implement comprehensive health and safety measures for everyone onsite. When arriving to open practices, fans will enter the viewing area through the northeast corner of the Browns facility, rather than the Beech Street entrance used in past years. Membership-services team members will also be available to all visitors inside and outside the complex to assist fans. More information on parking will be shared with fans when receiving tickets to training camp sessions. "Browns Live: Training Camp" will return in 2021 to ensure Browns fans across the globe have special opportunities to enjoy training camp this season, including the two joint practices with the New York Giants (Aug. 19-20). The full schedule and other exclusive content available through the team's digital platforms will be shared at a later date. 2021 Cleveland Browns Training Camp is in association with Discount Drug Mart. Matching past years, fans will be unable to remain onsite in the event inclement weather causes the team's practice to move indoors.


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